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Our Business Mission

Our mission is to offer the best quality work at the most reasonable prices. All of our collision insurance jobs come with a lifetime guarantee. We never sub contract our work out and all repairs are done on premises. We work within your budget to offer the quailty work you deserve at the best price around and we pride ourselves on that accomplishment. We have an excellent rating with BBB. Just ask and we can try to accomodate you as best we can. We pride ourselves in treating you, not as a number, but someone who is a trusted friend and we hope you will, in turn , trust us with your vehicle. In return we offer you a complete satisfaction gaurentee that you will be happy with the choice you made to let us care for your car. Customer loyalty is number one with us and our customer referrals are our best advertisement. As a matter of fact most of the work we recieve is from our loyal customer base and word of mouth. We sincerely appreciate you recommending us to your family as well as friends. In return we will do our finest to make sure you are happy with your repairs so that you continue to refer us to others.

    Some of our customers have said that certain insurance companies are telling them that when they get into an accident with their car that they have to use their "pro-shop" for auto body repairs. This practice is unfair and more importantly illegal. NO INSURANCE COMPANY can tell you where you have to take your car for your repairs. Honest, reputable auto body shops will tell you that it is your right to take your car to any auto body shop you choose. If an auto body shop tells you differently or uses high pressure sales pitches to get you to sign on the dotted line - take your business elsewhere. Most all reputable body shops, such as ours, offer lifetime warranties on your repairs - just ask. A well informed customer is the best customer. Know your rights. If you feel that your insurance company or auto body repair shop has violated your rights, report them to the Better Business Bureau. It is your money and your car - don't be fooled into leaving your car at any shop that you do not feel comfortable with. Many large body shops focus on quantity, not quality. Smaller independent body shops are just as well equipped to handle your repairs and are able to focus more on the "little" things rather than rush out a job for a quick buck. Tompkins Garage offers personal service and is committed to 100 percent customer satisfaction. No job is ever rushed. If you ever have an auto body repair or questions about your car insurance just ask us. We're here to help regardless of what repair shop you choose. We offer free no pressure estimates on body work from small dings to major collision work. You can either call or just stop by. 

    If you are ever in a car accident and require a tow truck, make sure that you tell the tow truck company who comes to the scene of the accident what auto body repair shop you would like your car to be towed to. It has come to our attention that some of our customers had requested that their car be towed to our shop and that their requests were ignored by the tow truck company and were towed to the tow truck companies body shop instead. Regardless of what auto body shop you have your vehicle towed to be assured that you will not have to pay for the tow - our shop will pay for your tow at no cost to you. Insurance companies will pay for towing to the shop of your choice, no questions asked. 
    You can also tell the police officer at the scene of the accident that you request that your vehicle be towed to the body shop of your choice. Even if the tow truck company has a towing contract with a particular city or town you can request that your vehicle be towed to your preferred auto body repair shop. Remember the tow truck picking your car up may have a legal towing contract with a town but they do not have the legal right or authorization to tow it to their repair shop - that is your decision to make - not theirs. A tow truck company is required by law to tow your car to the body shop you prefer. Remember you are in charge of where your vehicle is towed - not the tow truck company. Be sure to ask for a receipt from the tow truck company as to where your vehicle will be brought from the accident and make sure your preferred body shop is listed on your receipt.   

Complete Make-over
Rear Bumper repair
This Cadillac CTS-V had a front end paint job, rock chips and minor dings were repaired. This car has a beautiful black tri-coat color that looks awesome in the sun.  
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